100% Silk label boss, Amanda Brown

100% Silk Distortion Mixtape

by Ulrik


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One of our favorite labels made a mixtape for one of our favorite festivals, the upcoming Copenhagen Distortion Festival. It’s well nice.

We recently posted about 100% Silk’s efforts to raise money for an ambitious documentary that sees them playing all over Europe, and when we realised they were playing in Copenhagen it made us wonder who had booked the burgeoning label. As it turned out, it was, of course, the good old and ever on-point Copenhagen Distortion Festival and their army of well-connected bookers. At least that’s what this 100% Distortion Mixtape very strongly suggests.

You see, the full programme isn’t revealed until Thursday. But it would be somewhat pointless and misleading on Distortion’s part to release a mixtape from 100% Silk and then not have them play at the festival, don’t you think? We’ll just risk jumping the gun and say:’thumbs up Distortion!’. The rest of the line up’s probably good enough to warrant loud and positive exclamations anyway.

This mixtape should go a long way towards getting you pumped up for CPH Distortion 2012. Let's hope that people don't poo too much in the streets or whatever it was all the angry, old people complained about last year.