'Espionage' with AIAIAI Australia Feat. Flying Lotus, Martyn, Africa Hitech.


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AIAIAI Australia

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In which AIAIAI Australia help put on a great party in Melbourne. 'Espionage' is arranged by local cats The Operatives and it looks set to be pretty righteous.

Wow, what a line up, eh? While the rest of us are still grappling with the physical and mental repercussions of the worst hangover of the year, the Australian division of AIAIAI are sponsoring stellar events without a care in the world. The partners in crime are local promoters The Operatives who look like ones to watch for 2012...

This line up could just about get my broken body out of the house next weekend. Too bad I don't live in OZ. If you're in Melbourne next weekend, it goes without saying that you need to get down with this.

Check the flyer for info.