AIAIAI Mix 004: Nick Hook



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Nick Hook

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The fourth contribution to the AIAIAI mix series sees restlessly prolific NYC-based producer, Nick Hook, take us through a frantically paced tour de force of seismic genre shifts. Spanning exhilarating footwork, future jungle, raw 808isms, thoroughly banging techno as well as his own edgy productions and collaborations, AIAIAI Mix 004 includes Machinedrum, DJ Rashad, Canblaster, Young Thug, A-Trak & Cam'ron, Claude Speed, Bok Bok and a general sense of unpredictability.

Keeping up with Nick Hook's output is kind of like following HBO series Game of Thrones; there’s abrupt changes in narrative, intense surprises, and a growing sense that someone is toying mercilessly with your tender emotions and preconceived ideas. Both leave you with a feeling of unpredictability that you just have to run with and let the given auteur take you on a ride through whatever comes next. Be it giants, regicide - or, as this mix demonstrates, the combination of futuristic jungle riddims with Steve Reich-inspired modern classical pop and 808-based hip hop.

Interestingly, Nick's creativity initially surfaced when he started playing in bands, collecting analogue synths and DJing at a young age. This versatile, anything-goes-approach to music has helped spawn a rapidly accelerating career, allowing the well-connected, NYC-based artist/producer to work with some of the biggest, most interesting names on the club/hip hop/electronic music circuit (EL-P, Azealia Banks, Young Thug, Drop the Lime) while releasing some pretty memorable music as a member of Cubic Zirconia, the band he co-founded back in 2008.

Taking in a wealth of influences - not to mention star-studded hook ups with like-minded artists, such as electro-pioneer Egyptian Lover and late footwork genius DJ Rashad - this selection showcases his gift for fusing disparate strands of production steez into one tight, uniquely personal, musical package. It’s one of those mixes that grows with each listen. Once you get your head around the dizzying changes in tempo and pace, it is, if you will, like being hit relentlessly with an neon-tinted jackhammer made out of heavily condensed, experimental party vibes.

Here's what Nick had to say about his AIAIAI mix:

'I've been living in barcelona. I've been having an amazing summer. I’ve only got a few more days here, then I go to Paris, London, Vienna and Russia. It’s been incredible to go to new places, meet new people and become better friends with the one’s I've known.

Mad homies came thru here, and I wanted to make this mix to remember the summer. A lot of the stuff is not out and brand new, but i feel like it’s where my head is at now.

Thanks for listening and hope 2 see you somewhere soon. '

Have a good, long listen to Nick Hook’s AIAIAI Mix right here: