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AIAIAI’s Roskilde Festival Picks



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Roskilde Festival

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Roskilde Festival, if you’ve never heard of it, is Northern Europe’s biggest music event. Starting out with a few naked hippies in sleeping bags going at it in an empty field, the festival is now into its 43rd year and has seen the world’s biggest bands and acts grace its bright Orange Stage. From primal rock to banging techno, here’s what the AIAIAI office would like to see at this year’s festival.



Some of you will know this guy from his TNGHT collaboration with Hudson Mohawke. Kind of a weird early slot, but still not a show we want to miss.

Electric Wizard

Because, as everyone knows, festivals are all about getting lost in a thick haze of brutal, sludgy stoner-metal.


You keep forgetting how many hits these guys have. Moreover, if André 3000 rocks his spaced out Bootsy Collins outfits, we should be in for a performative treat.


These underground stalwarts are a rare sight on Danish land. If you’re looking for experimental noise-pop with a dash of accessibility, this is your ticket.


We all love Banks because she’s hot, sings well and has good tunes. That’s all there is to say, really. Safe.

The Rolling Stones

What can we say, we’re old. And the Rolling Stones’ back catalogue is not to be messed with. This will be one of those shows where old farts will be screaming their hearts out next to bright young things who just picked up on ‘Sympathy for the Devil.’ It’s a cross-generational ‘ting.

Annette says:

I’d like to see Lykke Li - because I’m a sucker for pop with an alternative twist



This provocatively named duo (they want to lift the stigma because they’ve both had the disease up close) consisting of the singer from When Saints go Machine and Chorus Grant are put out by our friends at Tambourhinenocerous and they’re pretty neat. Check them out at 12 noon - if you’re not still sleeping.

Connan Mockasin

Connan Mockasin’s wonderfully warped, sleazy, syrupy soul has been a firm favorite at AIAIAI HQ since he released his latest, trippy album.


Then it’s time for Warpaint who are fast on their way to becoming one of the globe’s most interesting bands. Get your ethereal indie-fix at the Avalon stage.

Cashmere Cat

Signed to the brilliant LuckyMe label, Cashmere Cat will be bringing some Norwegian beat heat at 19: 30


Darkside are incredible live. The Nicolas Jaar-helmed project really is as good as they say. One of the must-sees.


Time for some sun-kissed electro-disco courtesy of Classixx. If you’re looking for a dance party, this should provide in full.

Atomic Bomb! Who is William Onyeabor?

- is a crazy Nigerian cat who made an intriguingly excellent album called Atomic Bomb back in 1978, which is currently all the rage among music insiders. Sporting members of Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture, this celebration of the Atomic Bomb LP should be a lot of fun!

Maya Jane Coles

If you’ve made it this far into the night, you might as well keep going. Maya Jane Coles is the talented lady who will guide you deeper and further into melancholy festival noir.


3-Way Mix

The Ninjatune-afilliated DJ Food project have set themselves on the mission of reinterpreting and rearranging the Beastie Boys’ hugely influential 'Paul’s Boutique' album alongside DJ Cheeba and DJ Moneyshot. Vinyl nerds, this is your holy grail.

Omar Souleyman

If you’ve never witnessed the incredible Syrian spectacle that is Omar Souleyman, you should do yourself a favour and head over to the Apollo tent at 5pm. Those who have know what we’re talking about, which is why they’ll probably be there too.


We honestly can’t get enough of Tokimonsta’s gauzy, affecting beat wizardry. Check out the gifted, LA-based producer at 10.


Is an introduction really necessary? Drive did wonders for promoting his name, but he had been laying it down hard long before Nicolas Winding Refn scooped him up. One for all you lovers of high-octane, uncompromising synth-debauchery.


Slowdive have enjoyed a big revival of late and deservedly so. Nothing beats that grand, early 90s melancholy.

Special, honorary mention: DJ Copyflex at Apollo


RL Grime

RL Grime at 2 in the afternoon? Sort of misplaced, but we haven’t the slightest doubt that our boy Grime will power through with his relentless inferno of a live show, which includes everything from trap to two-step.

Ryan Hemsworth

Ryan Hemworth is a Canadian whose production skills beggar belief. The Apollo stage is onto another winner.


Three; it’s the the magic number. Which is why we’d like to big up a third American with a fondness for raw, party-starting beats.

Forest Swords

The festival is now nearing completion and Forest Swords’ ghostly, subtly haunting, dubby melodies will be a fitting send-off.

Tom says:

'I want to see Moderat because last time i had tickets to see them I was travelling with work and had to gift mine to my flatmate, and he loved it. Plus their latest album is badass.'

That’s it for this year. Have a rowdy Roskilde!

- the AIAIAI Crew