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Red Bull Music Academy

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Is a documentary about iconic New York City anthems and the drum machines that created them, produced by the Red Bull Music Academy. Check out the trailer and salivate profusely over the machine-musical tidbits on offer.

We all have our favorites. Acid-freaks swear by the 303, electro-fiends love the 808 and house heads rep the 909. Drum machines are an integral part of dance music and you can't really imagine modern electronic music without it.

Leave it to the resourceful and on-point Red Bull Music Academy crew to make a documentary that explores the all-important topic of this most excellent form of musical hardware in a way that looks set to be entertaining and informative in equal measure. Now, we don't usually post about teasers, but we're more than happy to make an exception for this little appetite-whetting gem, which features Suicide's Martin Rev, Ghostly International's Xeno & Oaklander, Le Tigre and quite a few other notables.

beat:repeat NYC premieres on the 6th of May. Check out the trailer above and get more info here: