Beats Unraveled #8 by BINKBEATS: Places by Shlohmo



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- in which the talented Dutch multi instrumentalist puts his own unique spin on Shlohmo’s ‘Places’ in that characteristically soulful BINKBEATS stylee.

BINKBEATS sessions are an impressive exercise in good, old-fashioned musicianship. Not only does the the rising artist have an otherworldly level of skill, he clearly also has great taste as evidenced by his previous cover material, which includes Baths, Amon Tobin and J Dilla among others.

This chilled out cover of Shlohmo’s ‘Places’ (which was, mind you, already pretty chill to begin with) is another little gem of a live-session that shows you just how far you can take things with a good idea and an active imagination.

Enjoy the show.