Believe It Or Not, Headphones Can be Scary

by Diana


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A cautionary tale ( that goes a bit goth in parts) : what can happen when you use certain in-earphones.

Although taking extra care of our ears is a no-brainer, we often demonstrate slightly risky behavior when indulging in the sweet beats coming from the music in our headphones. But besides the threat of going deaf at some point in our life from listening to overly loud music, there are other sneaky hazards that a frequent use of some headphones may bring about.

For instance, what would be the first thing crossing your mind if someone told you they had an earphone accident? That they became hearing impaired from an acoustic trauma, or strangled themselves with an earphone wire would be my initial guesses. Listen to this, though:

The scariest and most eye-opening (and ear-closing) post I've seen last week was inadvertently related to headphones and it came from founder, Eliot Van Buskirk. What drew my attention to it was his Facebook status update with a picture of his earphones looking evidently uneven. The update read like this:

Dear diary consisting of hundreds of people I know, Mark Zuckerberg, various governmental organizations, and who knows who else: A) My left ear has been hurting for a few days. B) The tip of the left earbud on my headphones is missing. C) Do I really need to go to the doctor for this? Can it really have happened? My hearing seems fine, but a Q-Tip met up with something causing lots of pain.”

After paying a doctor's visit and getting the situation under control he wrote a related post on his website called “When Earbuds Attack: A Cautionary Tale (with a Horrifying Photo)” including a yucky picture of the pesky earbud that got lost in his ear, eww. You don't need to see the picture unless you click on the link, though (which, of course, all of you will).

Check out the article and be careful with earphones! As you can see, regardless of someone actually making an effort to take care of his hearing by purchasing a pair of noise-cancelling earbuds, they can find a way to fuck things up for him anyways.

Giving up life with headphones is a bit too much, but at least know that investing money in a pair of quality ones, on-ears if you ask me (and Eliot) - preferably from AIAIAI, of course - is a rather good idea.