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New York duo, Blondes', new album on RVNG International is a journey into trippy yet carefully considered sound. It's just been released, but if you're the 'try-it-before-you-buy-it' type of person you can stream the whole thing on - you guessed it - Soundcloud.

The spaced out, organic drum machine-trance of Zach Steinman and Sam Haar AKA Blondes has been generating fervent blog enthusiasm and music jounalistic glee for quite a while now. Nevertheless, this is the duo's first longplayer, and 'Blondes' is a debut album that takes us into familiar Blondes territory while adding a few new tricks and turns to their, at times, dizzyingly elclectic, sonic equation.

The fact that this is an album produced by electroacoustic composers who've enjoyed a stint in Berlin becomes deliciously apparent as a reflective yet very dance floor-friendly energy runs through the entirety of the electronic soundscapes.

Having said that, this not your run of the mill drug techno; Blondes is both complex enough to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own headphones and immediate enough to be aurally devoured along with thousands of entoxicated revellers at a summer festival. You might say, it's too slow to mosh to yet fast enough to get down with.

What's more, the boys have been kind enough to put the entire album up for streaming at that most excellent of music sites, Soundcloud, so that you can take 'Blondes' for a little spin before you fork your hard-earned cash out of your pockets.

Listen to the entire album here:

If you've always wanted to see the knob-twiddling Amercans live, you're in luck: They've recently announced a European tour that even makes its way past our favorite, hedonist Copenhagen nightclub, the excellent Dunkel Bar. The European dates are:

2.05 Berlin, Germany – Picknick
2.11 London, UK – Durrr at XOYO
2.17 Nantes, France – Lieu Unique
2.18 Antwerp, Belgium – Karveel
2.19 Glasgow, UK – Death Disco at The Arches
2.24 London, UK – Sup Magazine Release Party
2.25 Helsinki, Finland – YK
2.26 Copenhagen, Denmark – Dunkel Bar