Brodinski, Body, and Soul

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Hello everyone, welcome to Brodinski's Fabric mix compilation.
75 minutes of fine electronic music.
Let the beat control your body.
Let the beat control your mind.
Let the beat control your soul.
Bring some smoke and purple drank.

If you're eagerly anticipating new sounds from Brodinski's hand, those opening words of his Fabriclive60 mix will ring extra sweet. The compilation won't hit the street until Monday, but if you're getting impatient, you can now stream the whole thing on SoundCloud.

Dedicating the mix to his recently deceased colleague DJ Mehdi, Brodinski promises that the mix includes every track that has changed his life over the past two years. In usual Brodi fashion, genres aren't a concern: If you can mix it, why shouldn't you? That mentality has us visit Tomas Barfod's bouncy beach party, Sigha's relentless arpeggiator-attack, and the bubbly acid stew that is Instra:Mental's 'Pyramid' before we eventually (sort of) wind down with Objekt's 'CLK Recovery.' Someone might have told you that if it's good for everything, it's good for nothing. I nominate this mix as the exception to that rule. Lending Brodinski your mind, body, and soul might not be such a bad idea after all.

Stream the mix here.