Don't Break my Love

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Nicolas Jaar

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Nicolas Jaar's new EP is the cat's pyjamas.

After numerous close calls, I finally got to see Nicolas Jaar live this summer. While I have yet to fully decide whether 'Space Is Only Noise' is brilliant or a slight disappointment, seeing the man himself in action was something I had been waiting for for ages. He did not disappoint. Blending the tracks from his debut into a long coherent mix, Jaar managed to create an intimate atmosphere in the Roskilde tent without sacrificing any of the dynamics that make his music so engaging in the first place. Apart from a handful of edits and remixes, things have been quiet around Jaar for a while. Now, however, 'Don't Break My Love' - a new EP on his Clown & Sunset label - is about to hit the streets. Bringing his sound back to a more understated, cassette-tape-aesthetics vibe, 'Don't Break My Love' has Jaar flirting with static and timbre-twiddling percussion, and, if I may say so, with beautiful results.

Compared to the more abstract moments on 'Space Is Only Noise,' 'Don't Break My Love' seems somewhat more focused and, at the same time, even more dynamic. According to Jaar, this EP is representative of what we can expect from Clown & Sunset in the near future. If that is the case, I'm more than ready.

'Don't Break My Love' will be available on on Thursday, November 3. It's free, so you might as well. Also, it's pretty awesome.