Dunkel Radio launch their new interview series ‘Overlooked’ with techno emperors Karenn


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In this series we'll be asking a variety of names from the scene to point out who and what they believe is being overlooked, so they get a chance to big up the stuff that they think deserves more attention.

To kick things off, Najaaraq spoke to two of the UK’s most exciting producers right now: techno champions Blawan and Pariah, after their live set as collaborative project Karenn at PHONO Festival last month.

Overlooked DJ: DJ Spider

Pariah: I saw DJ Spider recently, he is fucking sick.

Blawan: Yeah, [but] I mean he has been DJing for time hasn't he?

Najaaraq: Yeah, how much attention is he getting though?

Pariah: He is getting more now, but he hasn't... well he is getting more attention in the UK, because quite a lot of people that I know, Pearson Sound, Ben UFO and Will Bankhead (who runs The Trilogy Tapes), have been supporting his stuff quite a lot. Will Bankhead just put out a record of his. But he is the guy who has been releasing records for like 6, 7, 8 years maybe, he releases so much music, I think he releases like 3 albums a year, and it’s all sick.

Najaaraq: What was it about his DJ set that made you think about him?

Pariah: He plays pretty much just his own stuff, but his own stuff is very very unique. Sometimes I don’t like it when people just play their own stuff, and sometimes I do - it really depends if someones got that kind of singular vision which he does have.

Blawan: He demonstrates his sound really well.

Pariah: He’s not doing it to blow his own trumpet. He is doing it cause this is his vision of music.

Overlooked producer: Kassem Mosse

Blawan: I would say someone who deserves more attention is Kassem Mosse, but then some people would say he doesn't need more attention.

Najaaraq: Why do you think Kassem Mosse needs more attention?

Blawan: I don’t think he wants more attention, but he deserves it. Because his music is amazing, and his live set is amazing.

Pariah: He has probably the best live set I have ever seen.

Najaaraq: How is his live set different than other producers’ sets?

Pariah: Again its about how unique his music is.

Blawan: You can tell instantly its him.

Pariah: Yeah, within about 5 seconds. Even if its just a drum loop - just kick, snare, hi-hat, you will be like: “that's Kassem Mosse” and it will just be an 808 or a 909. The timings of all the hits are just in such certain way, and the delays he uses. Its weird that someone can get a sound out of something that is used so widely in the past like 25 years - so yeah he is an absolute badman [laughs].

Overlooked current release: Basic Soul Unit - Lab.our 01 [Lab.our]

Pariah: The new Basic Soul Unit record which is like - I'm surprised that, especially in the UK, its not been like a big record, because it has like a wobble bass in it [laughs]. One of the tracks is called ‘Earwerm’, and it is that. It sticks in your head so badly, in a good way. Its got this amazing piano line in it, like kind of fingered piano line, really simple, on a 3 note piano that just repeats, and it has this just quite silly bass line that comes in. Its so good, all three tracks on it are amazing.

Overlooked classic release: Inigo Kennedy - Nano Technology [Asymmetric]

Pariah: There is one track on that that is absolutely ridiculous.

Najaaraq: What is it about that release?

Blawan: Its kind of an electro track, broken beat with the craziest and most catchy synth line in it. Its like super banging at the same time, with loads of momentum, yeah and there is a few records like 3 or 4 EPs that he did on Asymmetric that are all amazing, kind of a bit like Aphex Twin. But yeah just really interesting electronic music not just strictly techno. Inigo is a producer I look up to quite a lot, he was one of the first techno producers that I got in to.

Overlooked label: Delsin

Pariah: I don’t know if they are overlooked, but they deserve way more credit than they are getting. Its a label in Holland. They have released a lot of music, but its all fucking amazing. Every single record is amazing in its own way. Its a mixture of house, Chicago-y stuff. They got like 6 or 7 sub-labels as well. I think Shed put some of his first music out on Delsin.

Blawan: I think a lot of people put their first things out on Delsin. Yeah they have been responsible for a lot of people. They are still pushing a lot of new stuff.

Pariah: They release so much music. I think they are really well respected, but in terms of you don’t get that kind of like adoration, like you do for Ostgut Ton. Anything Ostgut Ton related, people go absolutely crazy for. Whereas Delsin it kind of goes under the radar a bit, and maybe they don't have some massive club to kind of support them.

Blawan: Delsin is releasing sick records, but they are set obviously. I’m not saying that nobody knows about Delsin, loads of people know about Delsin. I just think like, in terms of a label that deserves more credit for releasing fresh sound in house and techno, they are in the lead by my opinion.

Words: Najaaraq Vestbirk