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Purveyors of electronic soul Flying Lotus and Dâm-Fûnk have gained a new funky L.A. ally - Samuel "Seven" Davis Jr.

Seven Davis Jr. has quickly gained attention from some of the finest heads in new-school electronic soul like Kyle Hall, Funkineven and Jay Daniel. His productions are experimental, barbered slices of raw, organic house topped off by his own exquisite vocals. Think L.I.E.S. meets Prince in L.A.

I first heard of Seven Davis Jr. in Kyle Hall's Resident Advisor Mix with his track 'Thanks'. Weird multi-tracked distorted vocals whispering "Hey girl, what's your name?" on top of super dusty cassette beats.

Shortly after his appearance on Kyle Hall's RA mix, previews for his first vinyl release appeared on Jay Daniels Must Have Records. Title track 'One' is the stand-out with a groove like D’angelo and cheeky vocals provided by Seven Davis himself. 'Could it be L.O.V.E.?" - uh yes!

With his hit record "One" almost sold out already and an EP coming up on Funkineven's Apron Records in March, this man is headed to do serious damage in 2014.

Words: Daniel Bruhn Jensen