Dunkel Radio 'Overlooked' with Benjamin Damage


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In this series we'll be asking a variety of names from the scene to point out who and what they believe is being overlooked, so they get a chance to big up the stuff that deserves more attention.

For this edition Najaaraq caught up with Benjamin Damage who delivered an impressive techno set at this years STRØM Festival in Copenhagen. The Welsh producer, who releases on Modeselektor’s imprint 50Weapons, unveils some strong selections in this installment of Overlooked.

Overlooked DJ

2562 / A Made Up Sound

The rhythm he finds in his set is really special, its almost falling over itself, but always keeps the groove going. Whenever I hear one of his sets I’m thinking ‘what are all these tunes?’. He just always finds this amazing wonky techno, I love hearing what he’s doing.

Overlooked producer

Will & Ink

These guys have slipped under the radar a little bit. Presk is half of Will & Ink and he’s done some great stuff on the Ten Thousand Yen label, but I really like what they are doing here. There’s a great groove to their tunes, even when they get pretty tough. The musical elements are always very strong and interesting too. When WINK001 came out I thought people would go crazy for it, 3 really good bass heavy tunes with perfect rhythm but it hasn’t caught on as much as I think it deserves to.

Overlooked current release

Fah - Ericx Blew a Fuse

This is a really good 303 tune with beautiful synths. Its currently on 187 views on youtube so it definitely fits in the ‘overlooked’ category. Fah has been releasing music for about 10 years without really breaking through or achieving any kind of recognition. I think the danger of releasing too much without a recognisable label is that your best stuff slips by without anyone paying any attention to it.

Overlooked label


Not strictly that overlooked and only releasing Shed productions, but I think it deserves a mention because of the sheer effortless quality of the records. It’s so hard to make tunes as simple and perfect as this. You can hear there hasn’t been much time spent overanalysing and overcomplicating the process. A lot of tracks get weighed down by pointless detail tweaking and lack focus, which I think is a symptom of being insecure that your ideas aren’t good enough. This is just direct and pure.

Overlooked Classic Release

CTI - Elemental 7

This is (ex-Throbbing Gristle) Chris and Cosey’s experimental production from 1982. The music is extremely dark and sinister, like the still moments of a Lars Von Trier film, but also with breaks of childlike innocence, like Dancing Ghost. This is the first tune ever to use a Roland tb-303 bassline and tr-808 drum machine together. It captures the moment of finding these two amazing machines and making them work together. There is a strange, terrible quality VHS video for it which, more than anything, reminds you how difficult it was to do things in 1982. It just makes it even more impressive that the music still sounds so futuristic and fresh today.