Extrawelt – 'Breedle'



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Denial of Service

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- is the incredibly painstaking video for Extrawelt’s new single that explores 'fractalscapes' through a process, which took over 4 months to realize. Check out the gorgeous video jam-packed with fractal eye-candy. It's well trippy.

According to the artists at Denial of Service, the creative process: ‘relied entirely on open source software capable of dealing with 3D Mandelbrot fractals, which were mostly rendered via an early version of Fragmentarium's raytracer.’

We have to say that following the latest developments in computer-modeling, animation and design is extremely interesting at the moment. It's as if the increasing sophistication and technological capability of the new generation of open source software creates an aesthetic that is, paradoxically, thoroughly organic.

If you have no idea what fractals are, check out this little Wikipedia lightning tutorial. Having said that, there’s probably no reason to overthink the mathematical concepts behind these computer-modeled patterns. We suggest you watch the video and let these beautifully intricate and trippy patterns wash over you without contemplating the technicalities all that much. Suffice it to say, that everything is 100% computer-generated.

Bonus info: Extrawelt are playing at the Amsterdam Dance Event party that we’re supporting on the 17th of October.

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