Festival of Endless Gratitude

by Diana




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Festival of Endless Gratitude

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Diana, our fearless reporter and intrepid, Slovakian, Copenhagen-based music nerd, spills the beans on the Copenhagen-based Festival of Endless Gratitude for those of you who were too lazy to go.

I attended my favorite Danish music and arts festival last weekend called Festival of Endless Gratitude. Music, atmosphere and basically everything is as good as the name suggests - definitely worth checking out if you happen to be in Copenhagen around this time next year. Or even worth coming to Copenhagen for the sake of the festival! They don't have a camp where you can put up your tent, but I heard from a guy from Sunburned Hand of the Man (an amazing US psychedelic, noise, experimental, drone and I don't know what else band) that last year when they were playing at the festival, he took a bunch of bubble wrap he found, and made himself comfortable on the floor in the exhibition area of the festival - so there you go.

I'll tell you more about the festival soon enough when I manage to gather more info and material worth sharing. For now there's plenty of other things to talk about such as my new favorite artist Eric Copeland, member of the amazing Black Dice. His latest album Waco Taco Combo released a few months back on Danish label Escho is: WOW! But right now you should check out this track called Fun Dink Death from a 7" he put out last year. It's danceable, very watchable, absolutely lovable, and it brings back a little bit of summer that's now gone and that also sort of didn't show up this year, here in Copenhagen. Go nuts!