Floating Islands made of Copper and Moss

by Ulrik


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Get a load of these enticingly natural ‘floating Islands’ crafted by Singapore and Barcelona designers Outofstock.

Made entirely out of crumpled copper and moss found in unnoticed nooks and crannies around Singapore, these calmly brilliant design objects were first seen as part of an installation that took place during Singapore’s recent International Furniture fair.

The islands were inspired by the fictional floating island of Laputa featured in Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift ( hence the name), which lends the design an air of what you might call 'arty fairytale steez'. Naysayers will probably go:’hey, it’s just a bunch of moss and copper’, but being the impressionable souls that we are, AIAIAI are pretty close to being blown away by the beautifully simple execution of a strong, multifaceted concept.

What’s more, Outofstock’s Laputa islands can’t help reminding us of that crazy, Dubai-based World Islands project -it’s almost as if that idea has been taken down to a more sensible scale and made more aesthetically appealing.

And at the end of the day, we never thought copper mixed with moss could look this good.

Via Dezeen