Friday ACID Post #13



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Irvine Welsh

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Featuring the mother of all ACID literature. For this edition of the Friday ACID post, we’re going back to The Acid House. The book, that is.

It’s strange that we haven’t yet featured Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh in the Friday ACID post. Maybe we’ve been so focused on the quick fix the music provides that Welsh’s authorship has slid in under the radar. If that’s the case, shame on us. The Scottish author has written several era-defining novels revolving around acid house and club culture and it wouldn’t be totally off the mark to claim that he played a significant role in the development of 90s dance music. Come to think of it, we should do a comprehensive feature on the guy. Stay tuned.

In 1994 he even put out a collection of short stories entitled ‘The Acid House’, involving hooligans doing acid and turning into babies, regular people turning into flies after meeting God and Scots being both laugh out loud funny and morally challenged in various entertaining ways . The book has an enticingly dark sense of humor and it comes highly recommended from your acid-obsessed friends at AIAIAI. Get it here and be overwhelmed.

Four years after the release of 'The Acid House', it was made into a film that wasn’t without its charms. By no means does it pack the punch of Welsh’s short stories, but it’s definitely worth a watch. You can actually see the whole thing on Youtube, but good luck understanding it, if you’re not British.

Happy reading, then, and remember to let the acid flow freely into the weekend.