Friday ACID Post # 8



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Jeremy Deller

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In which your valiant ACID reporters enter the realm of Turner Prize-winning art.

This week’s post is, in the words of The Fresh Prince, Will Smith, a groove slightly transformed: As you can probably tell, it’s a mind map. More specifically, it’s Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller’s ‘A History of The World 1997 - 2004’, a quietly brilliant work that explores how you can connect two disparate cultural phenomena via mind-mapping and furthermore meditates on the nature of interconnectedness.

But most importantly of all, of course, it’s about acid house, which thus proves that no cultural sphere, not even the otherwise impenetrable fortress of the art world, is immune to the vital force that is acid. You can run but you can’t hide, people.

So this week we’re trying something new: an ACID post without music. Enjoy the visuals and if you start getting strung out on account of a missing weekly acid house fix, try replaying Adonis’ back catalogue in your head.