How to Build an AIAIAI DJ Stage at the Trailerpark Festival



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Trailerpark Festival
Arjen Ulrich

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Our friends from Art Rebels, the lovable peeps who put together this year’s Trailerpark Festival, had some before and after shots taken when Arjen Ulrich and his crew of handy men built our DJ stage from scratch.

As we’ve let you know on many an internet occasion, AIAIAI had a stage at this year’s Trailerpark Festival. It was placed in the middle of the Trailerpark space – between the Royal and Rebel stages – and it had quite a few quality DJs tread on its black, neon-lit floorboards. Kompakt’s Terranova, Copenhagen’s Djuna Barnes and Trentemøller’s Trentemøller were among the highlights and standing in the nearby bar getting nicely toasted while listening to whoever was playing proved to be highly pleasurable pursuit.


Disco Dick, Djuna Barnes & Trentemøller

Big up the architects and everyone involved from Trailerpark. We had a blast. See you next year!