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How to Start a Label by FACT Mag

by Rasmus




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The ever excellent FACT Mag made a sweet guide to starting your own label with the help of Scuba, Untold and Amanda Brown.

It's no secret that the glory days of the music business are largely a thing of the past. While music is everywhere, those who profit off of recordings are much much harder to find. The rough climate, however, seems to not have discouraged those who really do want to make it in the music world.

If you are one of those zealous souls with the desire to start your own record label, FACT has compiled advice from a number of well known artists and label owners to help you get started.

The advisers include the likes of Scuba, Untold, Peverelist, Amanda Brown and Kode9 of Hotflush, Hemlock, Punch Drunk, 100 % Silk, and Hyperdub fame, respectively. When it comes to electronic music labels, it's pretty hard to beat these guys, and if you take their advice, we're confident you will be off to a great start.

To quote 100 % Silk owner Amanda Brown, there really only is one way to do it: "Care deeply and specifically about the music you release – believe in it, believe in the artist – and let the blogosphere and print media go wildly twisting around you." Best of luck from us!

Check out the all the tips here.