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Nathan Fake

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When Nathan Fake released his game-changing debut at the age of 19, it was a genuine moment in electronic music. Signaling an ethereal, new direction, the then upcoming talent knocked the wind of out electronic music fans and critics alike with his incredible, wide-eye-inducing wall of overpowering synths and forward-thinking production. And 2012’s ’Steam Days’, a gloriously crackling mess of electronic static swept generously in grand soaring melodies, proved, once again, that there really isn’t anyone quite like the Norfolk-native known as Nathan Fake. 

We’ve been fans of Nathan’s for quite a while and saw fit to send him a few questions, which he was nice enough to answer. Here’s what he had to say about inspirations, 'good rave synths' and his new label, Cambria Instruments.

Hi Nathan, what are you working on at the moment?

just started a label called Cambria Instruments so getting the first release for that ready, which will be a split 12” with Wesley Matsell and myself. Also a couple of remixes, studio stuff in general.

What’s currently your main source of inspiration?

Don’t know. I usually get inspired by playing the keyboard, or a new synth or effect etc.. I think it’s all about mining stuff like that for ideas rather than listening to music for inspiration.. I do listen to a lot of music though and no doubt some of it finds its way into my output but it’s a subconscious thing I guess.

Could you tell us about your creative process – how do you usually go from idea to a finished piece of music?

I usually get a loop going and jam that out… I usually do that for ages and ages, then I’ll build an arrangement out of stuff I’d been jamming on, or I’ll record a live take or a mixture of both. I like recording a few live takes and comping bits together.

What kind of software and equipment are you currently into?

I’m really into my Jupiter 6, it’s a totally amazing synth, such a vast range of sounds in it, and it sounds beautiful too. Really fat but not too fuzzy etc.. it’s a good rave synth. Also I’m still getting loads out of my SH09. Definitely my favourite synth ever. Software wise I’m still using the same ancient stuff and couldn’t be happier.

Could you tell us about your live set up?

laptop, couple of midi controllers and an mc202 with a delay pedal. I have every percussion part and synth part separate and jam it out for an hour.

What’s your favorite decade when it comes to electronic music?

I could be really obvious and say the 90s as that’s the decade when I got into music really… I think this decade and the last have been awesome too though.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Um a load of stuff I guess. Saw shackleton do a live set recent and was amazing. Just bought most of hieroglyphic being’s back catalogue which is also amazing. I’m sure I’ve bought some other records lately but I cannot remember what they are.

Upcoming projects?

The label. Also working on music which sounds a bit different to what I usually do.