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The rising, electisist bass music DJ/producer talks headphones, techno and grime slang.

It’s a funny old world. Or maybe it’s just an increasingly interconnected world. You see, a couple of months ago we bigged up the stealthy, futuristic bass styles of Nightwave on our Arkitip blog. Immediately after this we fell completely in fan-boy lust with Rustie’s new album, Glass Swords. And a couple of days ago, we realised that Rustie was rocking the TMA-1 at his blindingly good Boiler Room performance. These occurrences were all completely independent of each other and we didn’t connect any dots whatsoever. Then Nightwave publicly proclaimed her love for our DJ headphone on her Facebook, and that’s what prompted a more thorough research of her work, which, in turn, finally brought us to the realisation that Rustie and Nightwave AKA Maya Medvesek are an item. A high-powered DJ/producer couple destined for an epic takeover of planet earth, possibly even the galaxy.

Apart from the somewhat vague point about interconnectivity, I’m not really sure where I’m going with this, except to say that we’re fans of Nightwave and that she seems to like our TMA-1. That’s essentially how the interview came about. If you’re not familiar with her achingly sophisticated, party-starting post-dubstep-techno whatever-boogie, we urge you to check out the above video immediately.
Here’s what Slovenian-born, London-residing Nightwave had to say about pizza, Detroit techno, and her plans for the future.

AIAIAI: Hey Maya, what are you doing right now?

Nightwave: Hello! I'm eating a pizza and going through tunes in my Serato.

A: Could you talk a bit about your influences/main sources of inspiration?

N: My influences vary from jazz to techno, house, juke, hip hop, grime...there's not many things that I don't find inspiring. My biggest inspiration probably comes from Detroit techno and Chicago house but I love a lot of 'current' people's production-like Machinedrum, Dorian Concept, Rustie, HudMo, Julio Bashmore, Mele, etc.

A: What sort of instruments/equipment do you currently use?

N: Not much! Just Ableton and a midi keyboard. I use all sorts of plug-ins and just mess about with them. For djing I use Serato with turntables and the AIAIAI headphones.

A: How much of an effect does living in London have on your music?

N: When I moved here 10 years ago it had a much bigger influence than now I think. Back then there was no internet, so before I moved here I didn't really know much about garage, dubstep or grime and I think it really helped my journey as a producer. London still
inspired me a lot though, there is so much good music around and there's always something good to go and dance to.

A: We’re really into the video for ‘Feel’ – how did that come about?

N: Toby who runs Svetlana Industries came up with the idea and production for that video - he did a great job.

A: What’s the scene like in Slovenia?

N: Not very good to be honest but there's always room for improvement. I played there recently and it went down fairly well but I think people need to be a bit more open-minded and actually attend nights that a handful of good promoters put on.

A: What’s currently the best way to offend someone in grime/UK underground club slang?

N: Good question but I'm the worst person to ask that. I often have to refer to urban dictionary to decipher tweets from 'grime' people...

A: What are you listening to at the moment?

N: At home I usually listen to jazz, r'n'b or old Warp records. Today I've been listening to Oscar Peterson.

A: How would you describe your sound?

N: Club music 130-160bpm or just 'electronic music'

A: Upcoming projects?

N: Night Heat EP on Unknown To The Unknown with great remixes by Altered Natives and DJ Wilson as well as Festivus EP on Fortified Audio. I'm also going to do a juke and ambient record in 2012 plus possible exciting collaborations. We'll see what happens!

Cover photo by Rosa Maria Koolhoven

Here's a bangin Nightwave mix: