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Throne of Blood

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Here’s a tight little mish mash of the latest and the greatest from Throne of Blood's James Friedman. If you’ve yet to get your weekend mojo on, this podcast will take you to the right side of Friday faster than you can say ‘James Friedman’s machine funk takes me higher’.

There was a time around 5 -6 years ago when DJ mixes were so dizzyingly eclectic that you began to question if they were actually DJ mixes. Maybe mix tapes would be a more accurate description of the sets from all those DJs who weren’t afraid to thrown in everything AND the kitchen sink to see if it would work in a dance floor context. Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn’t.

But there’s not a doubt in our minds that this tastefully diverse mix from James does the trick. The selection spans from the melancholic electro-techno of Agoria to the trippy, slo-mo excursions of Blondes, and that's the right way to start the weekend, if you ask us.

Check out the podcast and playlist here.