Johnnyrandom Makes Music Generated From Bicycle Sounds



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Johnny Random

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Bike-nerds of the world rejoice, the object of your obsession has now been turned into music. By recording sounds generated from his bike and building a track around the samples, the composer/ sound artist known as Johnnyrandom has created an ode to the modern bicycle.

Interestingly, the spokes of the bike produce a sound, which is curiously similar to bells and the whirring and clicking of what we can only presume are created by targeting other parts of the bike are an altogether pleasant aural experience that makes you want to take a lot better care of your bike.

So yeah, ‘Bespoken’ actually sounds pretty decent. As is ‘music-you- would-actually-listen-to-on-your-home-stereo’ decent. Check it out.

For more info on the project, see: