Justice: They've Still Got It

by Ulrik




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Maybe it’s the untimely death of DJ Mehdi. It could also be the growing backlash on the hipster backlash. Whatever the case, our attention has suddenly been alerted to the fact that the latest Justice video ‘Audio, Video, Disco’ is pure French fire that puts the leather-clad Parisians back on the map. Yes, we're serious.

The duo galavant around their studio in the SO_ME-directed video that’s essentially more of the same ol’ Justice done really well: flamboyant moustaches, shiny leather jackets, vintage tees, and all that stuff that mean-spirited mediocrities snarkily refer to as hipster attire, runs rampant in the best possible way. ‘Audio, video, Disco’ rams it home that these touchstones - clichéed that they presently are - were never just a fad for Justice. There’s a real, disarmingly earnest love of classic American pop culture and analogue machinery at work here - and the Ed Banger flagship just act like they really mean it, which, of course, means that they really own it. Welcome back, boys.