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Matthew Dear
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Sampling thousands of General Electric machines from turbines to medical equipment one of our very favorite artists took part in an awe-inpiring project that turns the whirrs, hisses and clangs of General Electric into a new kind of music that’s industrial in the truest sense of the word.

Most of the time discovering how your favorite artist makes their tracks, getting a peek behind the wizard’s curtain, as it were, inevitably becomes a let-down; the magic disappears as the stark reality of software noodling and less-than-spectacular exorcises in bedroom production sets in.

In the case of Matthew Dear’s new hook up with General Electric, however, the opposite is true. Here, getting detailed insight into the concrete methods of extensive sampling of thousands of electrical machines, carried out in the name of making one, single track, lends it a weighty, affecting complexity that you can’t help respecting, admiring and getting a little lost in.

It’s a delicious fusion of man and machine and a great, well-executed concept that actually couldn’t have been more suited to this blog if it tried to.

More importantly, It sounds dope. Check out the TMA-1-featuring video above and listen to the full track below:

Bonus material: if you haven't had your fill of Matthew yet, you should check out this studio visit we did in collaboration with Ghostly International a few years back: