'World Premiere' - Rap Your Way To A Vinyl Release On Stones Throw





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TMA-1 Stones Throw Edition
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Building on our recent headphone collaboration with Stones Throw we asked ourselves ‘What if the microphone in your headset could be used for something more creative than just speaking on the phone?’

We're inviting you to rap over the inaugural Stones Throw release ‘My World Premiere’ by Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf. The track is there and the release date is set. The only thing missing is you. Simply download the iPhone app with the classic beat, record your rhyme and upload it directly to the 'World Premiere Rap Mic Contest' website. If label founder and A&R, Peanut Butter Wolf picks your version, the track will get a vinyl release on Stones Throw.

About the project

When we teamed up to do a special edition of the TMA-1 headphone with Stones Throw, one line from Stones Throw's inaugural release 'My World Premiere' suddenly stood out; 'When I didn't have a mic, I rapped on headphones'

This line gave the collaboration a sense of an even greater purpose and we decided we should develop this concept to give an aspiring rap artist some exposure off the back of the project. As Peanut Butter Wolf says; 'For us the line was a rallying cry to make music however you can. We still feel the same way today, and that's why we now want to hear your World Premiere'

This special edition headphone comes with two different cables; one with and without microphone. Instead of just using the headset version to speak on the phone, we’re asking rap talents to step up to the ‘rap mic’ and use the mic in their headphones to get a little closer to their dream (The app and competition works with any headset).


Special offer: in celebration of the latest AIAIAI x Stones Throw project we're giving everyone 20% off on the Stones Throw TMA-1 DJ headphones. Cop the discount by using the promo code: WORLDPREMIERE in the AIAIAI webstore. The offer lasts for one week starting today at 4pm CET.

Check out more on the new AIAIAI x Stones Throw collaboration over on our product page.