New Contributor: The Emperor of Antarctica

by Ulrik


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AIAIAI’s old buddy and ex-graphic designer, Christian Zander, is a multitalented visual artist whose thoroughly impressive work we thought it pertinent to feature on our blog. The Emperor was kind enough to accommodate and will thus be contributing right here on the regular. To start things off, here’s a colourful video he made in collaboration with Silviu Visan for Copenhagen-based purveyors of affecting melancholy, the awesome I Got You on Tape.

Being the unyielding perfectionist that he is, Christian isn’t completely satisfied with the promo for ‘Run From the Rain’. He let us know that the colourful paint-infused antics in this I Got You on Tape video is what happens ‘when you’re working on an indie budget and spend it all on paint’.

This semi-disgruntled statement probably has something to do with his prior involvement in music video projects like this previously blogged promo for Kenton Slash Demon:

That have understandably set lofty criteria for creative success.

Still, we think the IGYOT vid is pretty good – don’t you? For an extensive load of info and material on the Emperor, check out:

And: House and Bike