New Flavour in Your Ear: Erosion Flow - 'Bedroom Jam'

by Ulrik


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Erosion Flow

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Straight outta Copenhagen, Henrik Koefod AKA Erosion Flow drops a new EP packing a tight list of low-slung, grime-tinged house and hazy, beat-driven electronica. Having already been featured on XLR8R and now set to share the stage with acts like Simian Mobile Disco, Bicep and Oneman at the Somerley Tea Party Festival, we dare say that this particular young Copenhagen upstart looks destined for big things.

Erosion Flow’s new EP prompts the outburst: What the hell happened to house? To the untrained ear, this skillfully crafted selection of tracks might sound like traditional house fare, but digging a little deeper reveals an ability to fuck around with mood and texture that effortlessly subverts some of the genre’s more set conventions.

As Henrik puts it:

I've never really thought of myself as a typical House producer since i litterally can't think in 8 bars, 16 bars, etc. when making music. The way I approach music is very intuitive, and I always get the basic ideas of my tracks done in one or two days. For me it's all about catching the right vibe and then containing it.’

For our money, Erosion Flow’s new EP – and particularly ‘Bedroom Jam’ - is the sound of having a dance floor epiphany in a grimey UK club at 6 in the morning. And to honest, does it really get much better than that?

As it happens, there's a release party for the new EP on Wednesday and you're all invited.

Erosion Flow’s new EP is out now on ManMakeMusic.