New Flavour in Your Ear: Girlseeker

by Diana


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Girlseeker are three Danish gentlemen with ravishing looks who play humble yet fairly mental 80s synth-pop. They're also one of the bands that makes the Danish music scene stand out - and your chance to get inspiration on new ways to seek out girls.

Moving to Copenhagen and bitching about the weather is a bit like buying a monkey and complaining about spending too much money on bananas. Accordingly, trying to blame my absence at this year's Distortion Festival on the meteorological conditions would be lame, although sadly, it was the weather which prevented me from going to see Girlseeker's performance two weeks ago. Ulrik, who saw the show, said they were rad, and I can only back up his words based on the Girlseeker gig I caught last year.

The subtle intensity of the gloomy lyrics and the sonorous appeal of singer's voice combined with their enigmatic stage presence, makes Girlseeker resemble something from outer space. Perhaps the key to their success lies in not trying too hard as chances are you won't see them sweating on the stage if the venue is properly ventilated. That, however, by no means indicates, they can't deliver a killer show. So once you get around to watching this video (please do) pay no attention to one of the oblivious Youtube commenters who insists that "when you close your eyes it's actually a very good song". That's the worst suggestion I've heard in my entire life - and missing out on an exemplary performance is the only thing you would get out of it.

If you're a fan of Ariel Pink or John Maus, and occasionally like to get masochistic watching bad X Factor auditions, I guarantee you are going to love these 3 lads. They may not convey an image of bands who play at big trendy festivals; quite the contrary. they're more like the act people would book for a low budget high-school graduation party. But think about it: there's a reason why they're playing at Roskilde Festival in a few weeks and shared a stage with James Ferarro at this year's Distortion.

Girlseeker's LP titled 1-800 Greed came out in April 2012, and rumor has it, they're releasing something proper again in autumn.
Who knows, they're rather hard to Google much info about, but I'm guessing that keeping this low-key mysterious facade, is a part of their ascending girl seeking tactics.