New Flavour in your Ear: Throwing Snow

by Ulrik


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Discovering new music that really stands out is always a pleasure. We sometimes come across new music that stands out created by artists that use our products, which is both a pleasure and a privilege. As you might have already guessed, Throwing Snow is one of those artists.

He first showed up on our radar around a year ago and he hasn’t exactly been work shy during that period. With a solid amount of great releases on the excellent Houndstooth label added to his growing back catalogue and increasingly high-profile gigs at places like Sonar, it quite frankly doesn’t seem like there’s much Throwing Snow isn’t artistically capable of.

His sound has been poetically described as possessing: ‘consistent and comforting warmth, while still glistening with a serene kind of steely coldness.’ For our money, Ross Tones' productions are swirling, folky, frost-bitten soundscapes with enough depth, texture and grand, sweeping narrative to make you get lost in music for weeks on end.

Which is the very reason we got a little worked up when Emma from our friends at Dunkel Radio told us that Throwing Snow will be playing Saturday night at Pumpehuset (literally a stone’s throw away from AIAIAI HQ) alongside a talented cast of local heroes like Saint Cava, Darmstadt and AIAIAI favorite, Erosion Flow. This should be a night to remember.

If you don’t believe us, check out his new album, 'Mosaic.'

Still not satisfied? This sonar Performance should set you straight.

So, don't forget to remember that Throwing Snow is letting it rip Saturday night at Pumpehuset. See you there.