Our New Flagship Store is Opening Today



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And we’re pretty excited about it! Studio A will be open from 4pm today and you’re all invited for DJs, drinks and maybe even a little bit of dancing? In any case, come on down! The store won’t fill itself, you know.

As we’re slowly but surely expanding, we’re also opening our first retail-space called Studio A. In more flamboyant terms it could be deemed a flagship store, although it will probably be the smallest flagship store the world has ever seen...

The whole of the 4 sq. meters will be packed floor to ceiling with records, gadgets and DJ tech-gear from close friends of AIAIAI, such as Teenage Engineering, Ghostly International, Fool’s Gold, Infiné Records, Native Instruments, Kitsuné and many more.

The store will be an extension of the AIAIAI main office and face the bustling Studiestraede in Copenhagen’s busy inner city. So if you’re in Copenhagen and in the market for a new pair of headphones, or just want to see what the creative collective and their affiliates are up to, Studio A should be well worth a visit.

See you tonight for the grand opening!