Return of The braided Ponytail: Funktion One’s Tony Andrews Drops More Knowledge on Audio Technology at The RBMA



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And this time he’s not taking any prisoners. One of our favorite audio oracles, the inimitable Tony Andrews, was interviewed in this Red Bull Music Academy lecture where he gave his two cents on contemporary audio technology. A must-see for all audiophiles.

After our recent trip to Berghain where some of us experienced firsthand the clean, organic, undistorted power of the Funktion One soundsystem we’re now thouroughly convinced that Tony Andrews is an extremely competent individual.

What’s more, he really knows how to articulate his vast knowledge on the rather complex topic of audio technology in a succinct, understandable way that rams his points home without dumbing them down. In this RBMA lecture he tells us how he got into building his own audio equipment in the 70s, the differences between digital and analogue soundsystems (digital is more harsh and misses depth and texture), the bad habit turned household technology that is the mp3, poor sonic environments that make you tired (pizza places with tiled floors), and why he thinks his own invention, the Funktion One soundsystem is so popular in the current clubbing landscape.

If you read our last post on Tony, you may wonder why he’s so subdued and bereft of cockiness. Maybe he’s nervous owing to too many Red Bulls?

Happy Watching.