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Four Tet

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Barely a year after releasing the LP Pink, the London-based producer Kieran Hebden better known as the infamous Four Tet returns with a new album, which has so far avoided the usual hype: Beautiful Rewind. Behind the psychedelic cover hides an album swimming against the current trend, resulting in an impressive track, a near perfect summary of all that went before.

When comparing with the other market releases such as Random Access Memories or Tomorrow’s Harvest, Beautiful Rewind provides a wave of refreshing sublime subtlety. Indeed Four Tet made no YouTube trailers or a secret event ‘lost in the desert’ to announce the LP, and don’t even try to find a single song on Spotify. Four Tet is remarkable in his absence. That Kieran’s new album has appeared under the radar is an understatement. The promotion of Beautiful Rewind has primarily been realised through Soundcloud. Kieran has favoured this platform, one that effectively supports his ambitions of a more direct means of communication with his fans.

For those of you who believe the absence of marketing is marketing (and you would not be incorrect) I would like to highlight that success would not be sustainable if Kieran’s albums were not intrinsically remarkable. Behind the apparent humility of his latest release Kieran has nonetheless become a cornerstone of contemporary electronic music: his experimentations have an austere accuracy, never without purpose, and furthermore never disappointing.

A myriad of genres are explored in this album: from House, to Electronica, to Break Beat, not to mention Techno and Garage; Four Tet plays with these often diffused disciplines with compelling ease. The LP echoes the prolific history of his musical progression since his early productions that span over 15 triumphant years. Four Tet delivers intriguing snap shots of his early electronica assays and intrigues the listener with insightful musical currents that have already assured changes to the British scene.

Through Beautiful Rewind, Four Tet reveals evolutions that occur at a more personal level. From a shy yet intelligent obscurity to sell out all-night appearances. Beautiful Rewind is a striking example of how an incredible seemingly incoherent album can eventually make sense like a jigsaw falling into place.

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