Rustie Live @ MoMA PS1

by Ulrik


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The maximalist badman from Glasgow tears up New York’s hipster hub and rocks TMA-1s while doing it. Our Tuesday just got a wee bit better.

To many peoples’ surprise, Russel Whyte AKA Rustie has been doing the rounds on the progressive end of the contemporary dance music scene for half a decade. Maybe it’s because of that youthful demeanor, not to mention the uncompromising freshness of his hysterically heavy dance floor bangers. They could make it seem as if Rustie is a young, up-and-coming comet fresh off the train from the pastoral highlands.

But one look at his comprehensive discography should convince you otherwise. From 2007’s ‘Jagz the Smack’ to last year’s triumphant and critically acclaimed Glass Swords on the mighty Warp Records, Rustie has been wow-ing the clubs with his beat-driven, maximalist skills for longer than you might think.

However, those informed frontrunners at New York’s MoMA PS1 clearly know that Rustie is an established force to be reckoned with. Moreover, in this Pitchfork video that documents the high-octane, New York-based action, the main man Rustie delivers another killer set to unbridled delight of the Big Apple dance floor massive - while finding a moment or two to reflect on his on the particulars of his music.

Watch and learn...