Shugo Tokumaru - 'Katachi'



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Shogu Tokumaru

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Marvel at the painstaking work of paper cut enthusiasts who spent what seems like a significant part of their lives just to impress your eyeballs. Show these people some goddamn respect and watch this video immediately!

In an overwhelmingly digital world, tangible, analogue production techniques more often than not make our sinuses tingle with rampant delight.

The combination of moving, bright colours, organic shapes and knowing that a bunch of talented nerds have spent weeks crafting a smorgasbord of visual treats is enough to make you bust out the oooohs and aaaahs.

There’s a bit of Michel Gondry’s early work about the video and Shogu Tokumaru's breezy indie-pop kind of reminds us of Cornelius’ ‘Drop’, which is of course no bad thing.

Get on it.