'Shut up and Play the Hits’ Screening Featuring James Murphy and 2MANYDJS on Saturday.



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LCD Soundsystem

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The first Danish screening of the critically acclaimed documentary that depicts the last stand of LCD Soundsystem goes out with a collossal bang on Saturday as James Murphy and his Belgian buddies, 2MANY DJS, get behind the decks after the film.

The promoters of Saturdays’s screening of ‘Shut up and Play the Hits’ have branded this a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience and for once we’re inclined to believe the promoters.

After the CPH:DOX festival have showed the already critically acclaimed ‘Shut Up and Play the Hits’ documentary that portrays the last show of what was arguably one of the most important bands of the 00s, James Murphy, the man who made the indie kids dance, gets behind the wheels of steel and makes the indie kids dance once again. Well, maybe ‘indie kids’ is a bit of a stretch. But he’ll certainly make the bespectacled, indie film buffs of the CPH:DOX crowd dance.

If nothing else, because of the fact that the DFA label head brings in his Belgian pals, 2MANYDJS, for a sort of 00s last show of strength, which will no doubt get the thirtysomething set (that most of us AIAIAIers belong to) pretty worked up and misty-eyed. ‘Losing my edge’ should go down well, in other words.

All in all, this rather lush combo of film and music seems like a pretty decent way to spend a Saturday.

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