Spleen United - Days of Thunder

by Ulrik


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Spleen United

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Our graphic designer who moonlights as rock star (or is that the other way around?) just made this trippy video with his band Spleen United. It features cars being fucked up, face paint and some great headphones, of course.

How Kasper managed to cram so many Tracks into this video is a bit of a mystery. Or at least no one told me how it happened? Anyways,
This is the boys' first single from the album 'School of Euphoria' and and it's a bit of a winner. Spleen United have evolved into a better, more diverse band that incorporate a wealth of interesting influences into a sound that never becomes too retrospective despite its clear new beat and acid house references.

The whole thing is great and I'll keep quiet now, so you can watch the video in peace. Enjoy.