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Ellen Allien

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DJ, Producer and fashion designer, Ellen Allien burst onto the scene in 2001 with her debut album ’Stadtkind’ (child of the city), an ode to the city she was born in, which she released on her own revered techno label, Bpitch control.

Her next album was called ‘Berlinette, which cemented the fact that not many people can match Ellen’s head-over-heels infatuation with Germany’s effervescent culture capital. It gives her strength, as she sings it in a wraith-like voice over the ethereal electro-techno beat of the track ‘Stadtkind’ from the album of the same name.

It makes perfect sense that Ellen Allien’s first musical epiphany was German New wave; Grauzone, Nina Hagen and the almighty Kraftwerk are influences that you can trace throughout her career from ‘Stadtkind’ over ‘Orchestra of Bubbles’, and the breath-taking collaboration with Apparat, to her latest diverse offering ‘Dust’. It’s all there amidst the futuristic beats and progressive production and that’s precisely what makes Ellen Allien music so charming. It’s her own, profoundly personal quilt, constructed from the benign ghosts of her Berlin past.