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Tiga James Sontag accomplishments have been documented a 100 times over. He’s a skilled DJ, a savvy label head of Turbo Recordings and a flamboyant, charismatic entertainer. What most people don’t know, however, is that Tiga’s dad is a legendary Goa-trance DJ and that the young Tiga would travel back and forth between the hippie-infested beaches of Goa and snowy Montreal.

These irony-free, hedonistic proto-rave times have undoubtedly had a bearing on Tiga’s party-starting sensibility. On the other hand, people familiar with Turbo newsletters know that there’s a fair amount of Canadian humour in Tiga’s output, and long-time fans ( like us) will tell you that it’s precisely the contradiction between the serious and the funny that makes him so interesting – you could go so far as to claim that this juxtaposition has lent the DJ/ producer/label head his remarkable longevity and contemporary relevance. A track like ‘Pleasure from the Bass’ is, for example, stern-faced serious and balls-out funny at the same time. It’s all deliciously confusing.

By all accounts, Tiga will no doubt continue to mess with people in the new decade