We Like to Hear Our Clicks and Ticks

by Diana


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Chris Crutchfield

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Director, actor and motion graphic designer, Chris Crutchfield, made this neat, little video using the pervasive clicks and ticks of the iPhone, the Mac and Facebook.

Regardless of how distractingly pervasive they get every day, most of us love the clicks, ticks and pops of our Macs, iPhones, and other “iii's” (see what I did there?) we own, and use every day. Some of us just can't get enough of them, as they contribute a good amount of textual satisfaction, which is a rather important phenomena these days.

When I stumbled across this decidedly perfect depiction of the soundscape surrounding us every day, I thought: Wow! No matter, how much music we consume on daily basis, these sounds may still be what some of us get to hear the most of. The video and music was produced by American director, actor and motion graphic designer Chris Crutchfield, whose overwhelming encounter with all his electronic media one day prompted him to create this cool piece.

Inspired by real life events, the video echoes the concept of the Swedish short film Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers, only that it's a little bit more “now”. Have a look and notice how many times it makes you look at your mail.app thinking you just got a message...